The Professional Proofreader

An exceptional editing Service


My vision for this company grew based a desire to help others achieve great results in a quick and straight forward way. Based on feedback from many clients on Fiverr and Upwork, it was realized that I needed a platform for receiving sales.

After reflecting further, I knew I needed a no hassle way of providing editing services and collecting payments all online. So, I established a PayPal Business account to handle invoices I communicate via Email, Phone, or Google Meets; documents are shared via email. This maximizes my proofreading services and exceeds customer expectations every time!

Dr. Lewis

BA, MA. Ed, Ma. Ed, Edd

The Professional Proofreader
Proofreading and editing for best selling authors, articles, dissertations, books, and more!

With an unmatched talent for proofreading and editing, great attention to detail guides my continued success as a professional proofreader and editor. 

With a doctorate degree and 2 master degrees, I am no stranger to reviewing research, articles pre publication, and providing critique and feedback on the essential elements expected in high quality writing. 



“serious editing and a fabulous sense of humor”